TRIANGULUS Results from all Angles

International Consultancy & Project Management

Triangulus is a consultancy firm based in the Netherlands which can support all your Project and Organisational challenges. With over 20 years of IT and Banking experience, Traingulus has the right expertise and experience to handle your IT project management needs. Due to extensive experience as measured in time, knowledge and the various roles undertaken, Triangulus is in a good position to not only succesfully complete any assignment, but to do so with a greater understanding of your organisation, its processes and targets.

During the many years working inside financial institutions the consultants have fulfilled many roles. This not only means that we can succesfully fulfill a broad scale of roles, but can do so with a good understanding of the people we work with and thier functions.

Programme Manager, Project Manager, Interim Manager, CIO, Project Director, Integration Manager, Transformation Manager, Delivery Manager, Test Manager and Business Analyst are some of the titles carried by our consultants in their various projects

Wide Range of Experience

Our experience includes almost all business lines within Wholesale and Retail Banking, as well as across the various distribution channels with in-depth knowledge of cloud computing and internet and mobile channels.

Main areas of expertise include Investment Banking, Corporate Banking, Trade Finance and Retail/Private Banking. This knowledge runs from the Front Office, through the Mid Office all the way to the Back Office and Finance/Control areas.

Broad Knowledge Base

Our consultants have extensive experience with short term and long term assignments abroad, working on site on domestic or cross-border 64. We understand cultural differences, oocal business practises and in most cases even the local language.

Our previous experiences include projects in the financial centres London, Sao Paulo, New York, Hong Kong, Sydney, Singapore, as well as projects in more remote areas as Mozambique, Tanzania, Paraguay and the Caribbean.

Extensive International Experience

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